Need tips for making trees

So i’ve been trying to make trees for a long time, which really hasn’t turned out good, im really bad at making the leafs look good, this is the biggest problem i have with building right now since alot of my builds are outside, tips are appreciated.

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Well you can use someone’s free model if you don’t want to try to look at their tree model and try to recreate it or make it similar to their model


Well yeah, i could do that, but the thing is i really like making my own stuff for my games, so i was trying to get some tips for that, but i guess what you said is also possible.

If you know how to use blender I would recommend looking it up

Try going off of the stuff you already see like real trees.
images download (1)
As well as

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I stopped using blender awhile ago, but im gonna get back into it, thank you for this, really helped

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