New Animation Editor Workflow and some bug fixes

Thanks for the information! Could you provide me with the model that you are using so I can investigate what is happening? Also are these the only steps you are performing? Meaning, if you opened a new baseplate, imported this model, and then attempted to do the same steps you just listed, will the error you are experiencing always occur?

I still experience the errors, even if i open a new baseplate.
I did not create the rig that i was using, because our mesher did, so i will message you the OBJ file.
Am i allowed to?

it would be easier if you take the rig in studio, right-click and “Save to File” (rbxm) and just send that

Alright, i’ll message you the rbxm file.

Animation Events seem to be broken, has been broken for a few days now

Edit: I just resized the “Edit Animation Events” window and the other objects decided to appear


This appears to be a bug with Studio popup widgets and we are trying to get it fixed. For now, I think resizing the widget in order to get the proper UI to appear is the only workaround.

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This post isn’t exactly in the right place. It’s not a discussion, nor a bug report. But feedback to the new features. Which said to reply to the post. But this post deals with both the Animation Editor and the Avatar Importer… I really didn’t know where to put it. Again, I’m not looking for a discussion… but more so answers. If someone who can move this topic know a better place to put it… that isn’t discussions please do. :grinning:

I’m using the Animation Editor in conjunction with the new Avatar Importer. I understand that my use case is a little unintended for the features. But I’ve created a Shark.

It imports correctly. I’m aware the joints aren’t in the right place. Right now that’s an easy fix. I’m just playing around with it. Though when I did set it up correctly in the first place it imported in a weird way. This is a custom rig btw.

I knew that the avatar tool adds a “Humanoid” and “HumanoidRootPart” the real idea here though is that Roblox creates the rig for me with Motor6Ds.

Now the animation editor as far as I know, from this post says that you can animate any model as long as it has Motor6Ds and an Animation Controller… which I have. But it keeps screaming that its not a valid model. So is none of this true? Even though the tools and workflow for custom models are implemented but not supported… Am I gonna have to wait til that’s the main focus?


Hey! Can you be more specific about what warning/error message you are getting? If it’s the “This is not a valid R15 Avatar” warning that you are getting, that is fine. It’s just a warning, you should be able to continue animating in the animation editor after you press OK on the warning. It’s only telling you this because IK only works on R15 models, so you won’t have that functionality available on your custom rig. If you are getting that warning and are not able to continue editing in the Animation Editor, that is a bug and you should let me know.

I am able to continue in the editor, And it is the “This is not a valid R15 Avatar”, However the reason behind the post was that after that error, all of the other joints don’t appear. It only detects 3 Motor6Ds.

Hmm, can you send me an rbxm of the rig so I can take a look?

Sure, If you use the Animation Editor on it, the Front joint will not appear. I even changed the name of the parts just in case it was a naming convention problem.

Shark.rbxm (5.4 KB)

The Motor6D setup for this model doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t look like Part0 and Part1 match the attachments between those parts. I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. Can you send me the obj/fbx/etc for the model so I can run it through the importer and see what is going on?

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You guys should add an option for the animation editor not to be a window, but rather the way it was like before, the old UI which would be attached onto the default view game window.

I really like the new options for creating animations within ROBLOX, however, I have very limited screen space, and the old UI style really helped me manage all of it.

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Exactly my problem with the new version, my resolution is 1366x768.


Update: there should be a fix now for clicking out of the animation editor and having it close/switch context. Now we only switch contexts if you select another rig.

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I still seem to get this whenever trying to animate any of *the mesh rigs in my place. The “IK constraint has been removed from …” also pops up.

Even after putting in a new mesh rig, the same results seem to happen.

Sorry to bump this old post, but I am still encountering this exact fatal bug. It’s causing me to not be able to use the animation editor.

EDIT: Currently the fix has been to make sure all the parts in the model are UNANCHORED. If any part is anchored, the animation editor bugs out and refuses to work.

here is my post:

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You are correct, there is an issue with having all parts in the model being anchored, and we have been aware of it. There is currently a fix to check the rig first and make sure parts are unanchored before you can open it in the editor and the fix is currently in testing. We hope to release it soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.


You’re cool… I like that you reply to everything…Keep up the good work…

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