New bubble chat affected by things parented to the character

The title says it all. Anything parented to the character, specifically tools in this case, affect the position of the player’s chat bubbles, moving them higher in the air and whatnot.

As far as I am aware this is undocumented behavior. Example with a random part:


I think this isn’t the right category, switch to #bug-reports

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I do not have permission to post there.

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Is also my issue for a long time now, and up until now I’m trying to figure out how to disable that.

I’m having the same issues! ROBLOX PLEASE FIX.

This is not an issue, so to speak, but more of a lack of capability. This should 100% be a toggleable setting.

Yea I agree. I feel like it’s something very simple to implement. That’s likely why Roblox ignores it lol