New Hard-drive studio not printing entire Tables now?

I was working on a game in studio on an old hard-drive and now that I updated I can’t seem to find an option for when I print a table for studio console to show the everything inside that table. I know I can use unpack() but before studio was just creating a dropdown arrow with all the values and stuff inside of the table when I printed it. Does anyone know where I can just turn this back on?

Try updating studio. This was a beta feature, but it is the default now.

My studio is updated. I closed out an relaunched a couple times and it didn’t update so I don’t think that’s it?

I really need help, I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing studio and nothing is working. I’ve even tried the settingsin the output log and nothing is working

Can you share a screencap of what you are seeing? The only thing I can think of is to make sure Log Mode is disabled from the 3-dot drop-down in the top right.