New In-Experience Text Chat System Public Release!

Um… That would be a really bad user experience, and UI would need to be smaller. I definitely would never opt in if that was the chat UI…


I like this update, but I cannot see the chat channels and switch between them with tabs. Am I doing something wrong or is this intended?

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damnn, love the ui design. Minimalist, modern style, love that

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Do you guys plan to make the be the permanent new chat sometime? I would like to see all games that use the legacy chat to the new one so all the UI looks matched and similar I feel that all the games should be forced to replace with the new UI instead of an option to make everything clean.

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This chat looks 10x better than the current chat UI, nice Roblox!

Is everything you could previously do with the old chat UI work for this new UI?

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Looks very good! Looks like we’re going to replace BetterChat V1 soon with this new chat system :eyes:

One suggestion though: would it be possible to integrate autocompletions?

We use autocompletions for admin commands, emojis, whispering and built-in commands.

Players really enjoy it, so we would appreciate if we can carry this over.


Does this support the games setting for bubble chat only being enabled? AKA no chat display but still a box to type in.

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Yup, set ChatWindowConfiguration.Enabled to false and it should give you the outcome you’re looking for.


I noticed on Chrome OS that the new chat system allows for the ( / ) keybind to work normally


Glad this is finally out!

Nevermind, I was wrong! I have one suggestion though, and this is something that bugs me a little. The leaderboard colors are 31, 33, 35, but the chat color is 25, 27, 29. It’s not easy to see unless you look at it, but it would be nice if it were changed to the leaderboard color. Thanks!



(You probably won’t notice it but theres a slight variation in color)


When using rich text in combination with bubble chat, it has the undesired side effect of showing the raw text in the text bubble. Is there a way around this, or is this something that needs to be fixed?


Very cool and modern design. But I wonder how multiple channels will display on this UI?


the fact that this aint alligned, scares me
other than that, this is pretty cool!, looks so good


Looks really cool, way more modern than the one we had. I hope all games have this implemented soon!

It’s just a demo. I put it up there for an example.

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TextChatService API bug

I would like to report a bug where you can’t determine if the player is flooding the current channel as the message status is Success even if the system displays the “You must wait to send another message”, the only way to determine if the player is flooding the channel is by checking the text and checking if it’s contains the text <font color="#d4d4d4">You must wait before sending another message.</font>

How to replicate

Well, basically everything you need is to haave OnMessageReceived event connected and then all messages are success, I guess this is because these messages are received to all clients and should be success but the error message about flooding is not appearing on all clients only on the user that is flooding the chat.

BTW, This chat is not the TextChatService built-in chat, it is a custom chat that I made using the TextChatService API

Video showing the problem


Make the status of the message Floodchecked and everything will be fixed so I will be able to display a custom message for flooding users.

Second Solution

Add a way to cancel messages in the IncomingMessage callback, while testing I noticed that this callback is the only one that is displaying the status “Floodchecked” instead of “Success” so I would like a way to cancel the message send to send a system message to that client spamming in the chat.

Second Bug that I found

Direct to the point, the message “Floodchecked” is now working after modifying my code a bit but the “You must wait bla bla bla” is getting still sent and when checking the status of that message is “Success” instead of “Floodchecking” even considering that message is a warning from flooding.


Yes! I always love updates to chat! Hearing that Roblox has commands in mind when making this new system is super amazing!!! I can’t wait to see what other cool chat features will come on full release!

That one’s deprecated. The creator @Jumpathy made a new version.

She released it a week or 2 before the original announcement

Please fix the issue described by GammaShock. There’s also this weird thing where OnIncomingMessage is called twice.

local TextChatService = game:GetService("TextChatService");

TextChatService.OnIncomingMessage = function()
	print("Message incoming!")



IgnoreGuiInset is on and still?
(But merit is able to close flooded GUI from chat command)