New Part Collision Property: CanTouch [ACTIVATED]

You could just

for i,v in next,game:GetDescendants() do
		if v:IsA("MeshPart") and v.CanTouch==false then

But for finding out what’s trying to be added with a Touched event, oh.

I just tried using this to deactivate touchable parts that shrink into an object because they would still touch players’ arms, etc. So while in (CanTouch = false), out (CanTouch = true)

This design caused memory build up and lag (in studio)
Memory>CoreMemory>default just continues to grow.
item.CanTouch = false removing this line prevents it.

My Question:
Is default where the errors are stored? I wrack up thousands of them with repeated disconnects/reconnects, and if so, please show me the off switch for them.

Otherwise something might be wrong. :confused:
P.S. Was just trying something new, probably gonna just redesign them to work without the property so this is mostly just curiosity.

What if you set CanTouch back on later? Will the event reactivate itself? I’m trying to use CanTouch as an easy way to temporarily suppress touch events.