New particle system (Flare Craft)

Just wondering, but is this plugin still being developed, updated, or receiving any support? I haven’t noticed many people posting anything here and the plugin in itself looks incredible. Furthermore, I just wanted to know if the particles can respect collisions and bounce, to create things like volumetric explosions and fire effects for instance?

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yeah they support collision. there is also a template inside the plugin that shows how to access the collision events.

And as of now, the plugin is not being updated, with me having a full-time job now. However, if I get ideas and find time for them, I will add them. Let’s just say the plugin is not being actively updated, but its not unlikely it will receive more updates in the future.

Bro this is insane to me good job.

Alright I ended up buying it! Also how efficient would the system be for utilization for dynamic explosions? Does it utilize part caches to improve efficiency?

I’m kind of confused on how to get particles to render without having the game run and having a particle object in the workspace? Do I have to play the game to see how the particles work, is there a way to simulate the particles without play testing? I assume the recompile screen is for it but I have no idea how to get it to work. Clicking recompile doesn’t seem to do anything and clicking the information button on any of the tabs doesn’t appear to work either.

you have to open the normal editor (blue flame) then open the work station (yellow flame) then the particle system should start up outside of run time.