New Physical Properties becoming DEFAULT next week

On mobile currently, so I just copied this from another post.

From Lobby you will have to use the Left Hand Menu and click on the buttons in this order:
Choose Server>Test Servers>Test Server 2>Play

To compare it with before version you can instead from the lobby, just hit the play now button, followed by the play button. Edit: I recently updated all my servers so no more comparing.

Any chance you can update me on what you found? I want to make sure that this isn’t something unexpected. We’re you able to resolve issues with your game?

When I try to change the properties to “New” My ship simply sinks and ignores water physics. In legacy and Default it works just fine.

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Please make sure to provide a link to the place you’re having problems with or PM Khanovich a repro file or else he’s not going to be able to fix it. “It just sinks” doesn’t communicate enough – is your ship a gigantic piece of metal, or is it a small piece of wood? The effects of the PGS solver could vary depending on what type of ship it is, and Khanovich can’t magically snap his fingers to solve the problem. He has to know exactly what the problem is to even think about solving it.

That being said, I think he’s referring to either this place or this place @Khanovich (or both)

This is now default!


So I am currently working on a parkour game with increased walk speed which is totally broken by this. The only issue is actually with the character’s movement. With the old physical properties, any changes in direction were instantaneous which is necessary for a good parkour experience. With the new properties, the character seems to have to overcome its inertia before changing direction. This results in what is essentially input lag, which for a fast-paced parkour game is totally unacceptable. Note that this is only noticeable if you increase the player’s walkspeed (try 50 if you test it out).

I tried fiddling around with the custom physical properties, but I couldn’t find any combination of properties that fixed the problem. Lowering density may have helped a bit, although the difference was very small and caused problems because when the character ran into parts it was flung back with a lot of force.

I really hope you can fix this because otherwise my game, and all other fast-paced parkour games (speed run, one of your XBox titles, for example) will be unplayable.

What material are your floors made of? If it’s a slippery material, you can try setting the Friction to a higher value.

Also, can you guys please provide links to your games so that I can actually look at the content?

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I guess you could say Khanovich isn’t… content with your responses.


Ok, so all of the ground parts still had friction of 0.3. When I changed the ground’s friction to 2, it solved the problem. I must say it is really annoying having to set all of the parts that are ground to have a friction of 2, but I suppose if it solves the problem it’s ok.

Edit: I just realized I was being kinda silly. It wasn’t so much that all the parts had friction of 0.3, it was that the friction of the materials of all of the ground parts was slippery, which shouldn’t be the case. I was using Grass, Concrete, and Terrain materials as my ground and all of them were too “slippery.”

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Uh, his solution solved my problem and my new statement/question/whatever is more of a general statement regarding the whole system, so I didn’t feel the need to send him a link to my place.

That’s a problem, and problems exist to be fixed. Easy repros go a long way to getting problems fixed faster. I would assume you would want it to be fixed since you explicitly said you didn’t like having to manually do this:

How hard is it to link a place? Come on M0RGOTH. If there’s even a slight problem, err on the side of caution and link the place experiencing it here in case the staff want to fix it.

Well I don’t have my place uploaded and it would be a bit of a pain to do so. Also, the only real steps are: make new place, play solo, set walk speed to 50, move back and forth on spot.

If you come across something that doesn’t have simple repro steps and don’t want to upload the place to the site, you can always shoot Khanovich a PM with the place file attached.

I’ve added a small trouble-shooting section that I will expand if more people report unique behaviors that they see in their games.

Added some scripts that can revert your old games to have similar to old settings.

:smiley: Thanks

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