New Promotion System Proposal

This sounds like it shouldn’t be added since current regulars cannot get demoted, but new regulars could?

Why do posts get a less deduction? Seems unnecessary for then to have different rates.

Every ban on Roblox should be appeal-able since it could have been a mistake on the moderator’s behalf.


To be honest. Not the worst proposition. But I do think that this would be HEAVILY exploited like the developer crowns were. Both were made with good intentions but then ruined by greedy and rude people. The penalties and the “+__” should be improved.

Side Note: You can file bug reports by messaging @Bug-Support.


With the current state of #development-discussion and its moderation/lack of rule enforcement, this is an absolutely atrocious idea.

New user creates an offtopic/against rules post (as a completely made up example for the sake of this post, “What music do you listen to while developing”) which is 40 points off the bat.
Due to there being next to no moderators who will do their job on the DD category this post will not be removed, leading to other users making pointless offtopic posts in similar themes to it. Free +40s all around for everyone who does that with next to no chance of punishment.

This will get an insane amount of replies (giving points to people encouraging this type of post) which lets the OP post replies talking about “ooh thats a great artist, I liked that one song by them” giving them a near infinite supply of +20s for themselves. 10 replies in, not including the original post or likes on the original or replies, that’s already 200 points. 1/5th of the point requirement for promotion.
The post will get crazy popular, an easy few hundred points from likes alone, as well as a constant stream of likes on those replies. Let’s say that the original post got 50 likes, and each reply got 5 likes. That’s another 100 points on top. 300 points/one third in to the requirement and the post has only just started.
From there it snowballs, not only giving the op a good 300+ points without breaking a sweat on a rule breaking post, but encourages others to make similarly spammy rule breaking posts.

Regular rank gets handed out to every single user out there, feature requests and bug reports go to hell after being overflowed with ignorant posts, the devforum has now gone from barely holding itself together by having #development-discussion be the barely moderated quarantine zone to a complete and utter shambles that nobody can use, much less take seriously.

Assuming that #development-discussion was properly moderated, the punishments you’ve suggested are extremely lax.
Assuming the post from my previous example does get removed, that’s only -80 off the 300 earned. Moderators won’t go out of their way to scroll an entire thread of messages to remove each and every offtopic one, so the rule breaker ends up with a net profit and just rinses+repeats.
It only takes making 2 replies to the post they made (totalling +40 and +40), and the rule breaker already broke even with the post deletion punishment.


The points system sounds great but I feel like there may be an issue regarding it.

Most of what I wanted to say has already been said, so I’ll just say this:

Ranking up from regular should always be based on the quality of contributions, not the quantity.


I understand, that we all just want to eventually reach a time where it’s possible to rank up. But, I doubt that anything would be implemented, soon.

But, I agree with the comment above me. Ranking up to a Regular isn’t about the “number” of posts you post or reply to. It’s on the contribution and quality that you’ve made towards the DevForum.

I really, understand that most Members are tired of just being members and want to eventually be promoted, to a higher level. I personally think that the old promotion system was amazing and that there was nothing wrong with it. I hope, they find a good system which they can implement soon. But, until then we have to remain patient.


Do you have any idea how many character limit bypasses I flag a day? (hint: it is over 15). Replies are definitely not a good idea in terms of promotion.

I assume your points are removed if they get taken down (+40-80 ends up only being -40 rather than -80).

What if someone got hacked? If they get banned due to activities by other people, it would cause some drama.

Things I would add:

  • Solutions = +25 points (Will be removed if the solution is changed because it could be abused)
  • Badges could add points
  • up to 7 day bans on the main website if you get suspended
  • Don’t add points for development discussion replies.

Why don’t you actually make constructive criticism instead of saying “no” or “the new mods are bad”?

Also, spam can be caught easily, as I don’t think it’ll be hard to catch people spamming topics or replies


If this were added, I’d hope it would not count for locked categories such as #development-discussion

It doesn’t matter if it can be caught easily, because the fact of the matter is it’s almost never deal with. People simply don’t have the time and patience to flag every single spam or off-topic post.

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Now yes that is what the post says but the ranks are renamed so it does not line up. Discourse ranks are 0-4. On the devforum visiter is 0, member is 1, regular is 2, editor is 3, and leader is 4. So the post you are referring to are really the default requirements for editor and not regular because roblox renamed the ranks

Indeed, the default requirements, but I showed it mainly for reference/inspiration to craft new criteria. Promotion to Editor is not automated and not given anymore.