New QA-Testing service for Developers

Hiya, guys! Hopefully, everybody is doing pretty great and swag today! :smile:

I and @Xannedo would like to introduce to all of you a new service for developers… Roblox Valiant Warriors of QA! You might be wondering currently, what is “Roblox Valiant Warriors of QA”, exactly? Well, that is a great question!

Roblox Valiant Warriors of QA is a voluntary ROBLOX server we made with the function to be a community resource for developers and players, being as to share creations/help at development or, eventually, to request experiences to be tested. We are heavily following the protocol to revive Quality Assurance (QA) services for everyone, as the official group, “Roblox Community QA Team” (made by the former QA leader & employee at Roblox @Hippie_ofDoom) got the program unfortunately purely shut down after having major internal problems with the server’s administration, making not possible to go further for users to test games, sign for NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) contracts and looking forward to getting the QA rewards.

Our server provides players with a quality testing experience, helping and being pretty useful overall for ROBLOX developers to fix bugs/issues in-game (plus give feedback on what can be implemented in the experience as a unique idea). Not only that, but also partnership among other legacy servers with the rule to revive QA as well, therefore, you can check their communities made by our fellas @Abcreator, @Garchly, @Coldvalkz, @vIndoBlox, @xCadeRBLX, and @TheEternalDev. :hammer_and_wrench:

As for a user that would like to discover this skill, you are free to participate in testing sessions as your first experience of all time!

Did you like it?

If you are pretty interested to see more details about our community, we’ll be providing down below the link to the server throughout the social media “Discord”:

» Roblox Valiant Warriors of QA

Thank you, have a great day! :star2:


Sounds great! Thanks for doing this. How would one volunteer to work at said service?


The server contains a lot of volunteer testers from the original Roblox Quality Assurance group, therefore, is not going to be the only one!

However, if only one tester tests the experience, they are going to provide a bug report throughout our thread channel specifically for testing sessions!


By “one” I meant a person. Sorry for the bad wording.


I still understood that once analyzing the full sentence! Therefore, you don’t need to apologize! :smile:

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the server is kinda dead, what happened?

The server is not dead, and yes quite frozen due to having a lack of “content” for members.

However, I believe surely that with our QA legacy servers made by me, and the fellas being mentioned above, we will provide awesome services!

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Not bad! Thank you for continuing to lead QA community.


No worries! :grin: We will still lead our Quality Assurance community with always new services, and is a space for everyone!

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Note: We changed the name of our resource to a proper and unique name, going to *”Roblox Valiantly Community QA Team” > ”Roblox Valiant Warriors of QA”!

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The QA-Testing service appears to be doing very well as being a bit tiny… However, to improve the feature, we would like to hear feedback from the developers to understand the situation to make the system and workflow better!