New Roblox videos not working in-game

Hello, I’m trying to make the NEW video uploading feature into my roblox game for a use on a tv.

When I play test it, the feature works in studio but when I publish and try to join the actual game and try it out it doesn’t load.

Yes I have enabled Playing, Looped.
*I’ve also ticked it Active."

Properties of the video

Test-play IN studio apologies for bad quality by pc sucks

In-game NOT STUDIO again apologies for bad quality

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Thats because this feature is still in beta

From where I got the information no one said it was still in beta, thanks for letting me know!

Currently it’s in ‘early stages‘ and not live within games there hasn’t been much information about it being fully enabled in-game yet, it’s currently just studio but you should keep an eye on the announcement thread since this feature has just come out and it’s currently being worked on to upload your own custom videos and view within the game. (I don’t believe this is going to be in beta nor a beta feature).

The feature is currently still in BETA and will be released to the public soon, because the feature recently got released so they need to make it so it works for everyone’s screen