New Smooth Terrain materials

All of those are wonderful! I would expect asphalt to be closer to black than that grey though.

Looking great! I used the Cobblestone and LeafyGrass materials in my place and they fit in pretty well.

Though, I will say the leaves look a little out of place with the green leaves on my trees. I can see LeafyGrass coming in handy around fall though, when the trees are tinted orange/yellow and have leaves actively falling from the branches :wink:


Does the normal Grass and LeafyGrass go well together?
It would be weird to have leaves EVERYWHERE instead of just under/around the tree(s).

I’ve got an issue here. The bottom of the terrain paint tool is cut off so I can’t see all the new materials, and there’s no scrollbar. I’ve got a 1366x768 display and a workspace window size of 960x457.

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You sure your output box isn’t blocking it?

I’m quite sure that that’s the problem. What I’m saying is that the plugin’s GUI should take the height of the window into account and add a scrollbar or something so people with shorter screens can see everything.

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aw yiss

time for another showcase

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I am disappointed that they named it Pavement rather than HerringBone which is the name of that pattern.


We felt that this name is too specific. You can imagine a part material called Pavement that has a different pattern but has similar look-and-feel.

The cobblestone is the best texture so far, though I do really like the color of the limestone, better replacement for beach sand.

Cobble stone is one of the best textures…

Here is some terrain I made with limestone :slight_smile:

A dry riverbed!

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Sir can I just say I love those trees. You made something really low poly but its silhouette is still tree-like, especially with the light showing through cracks. I’d love em even more if each tree had one random color per tree. Are they part of a tree gen plugin?

dfhgdfg can’t wait for smooth terrain LOD and color painting so I can use these new materials in a space game with multiple types of planets!

Nope I just found them in the toolbox.

Some cobble,

and some sandstone in the background too

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