[New softshutdown system]

Hello developers!
It’s you’re lucky day if you can’t script.
I have made a new paid service for all of you.
What is it you may ask well I have made a new softshutdown script that shutsdown all you’re servers via teleporting to a temporary server not a Vip server an public open server.

Once users have been teleported to the temporary server. The server will teleport the users back to the game once the server has applyed the updates.

**How to use? **
Simple all you have to do is press shut down all existing servers and then the script will teleport you.

Since this is a paid service you must pay around 100 robux for the service.
For more information and stuff contact me on discord or send me a private message here.
Discord: CorruptDetected90#2889

Terms of service

Not many rules to be honest apart from not hacking into the main module and leaking it.
If you do you will get blacklisted from our service.

And you’re leaked product will be blacklisted.

Wrong category. Community resources are for open source recourses.

Hey can you tell me what topic I put this in thanks

Put it in #bulletin-board or #collaboration:portfolios .


This is the same thing you’ve described for free and open source:

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Apart from we are not using a reserved server because you are limited on what to do I a reserved server.
We are using an open server so we can keep all players in 1 server with a wait time instead of trying to teleport all users at once.
Without teleporting all users without teleporting to an old server.

What do you mean?

The code in the open-sourced code utilizes reserved servers as a holding place as the main server shuts down, then the players get teleported out of the reserved server. This process will not teleport players to an outdated server.

What about your paid method is better than the open-sourced code?

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Well we have a blacklist system including a live status of what the server doing so people don’t leave the game while the server updating.
Included the fact we are an open server instead of a reserved server sir.
Also for more question please send me a private message.