New Studio Crashing

After the new studio update, anytime I close an edited script tab, studio crashes. The script contains 0 characters, and just adding one character and closing the script is enough to produce this issue.

I have disabled all plugins, and disabled all Beta features.

I have uninstalled studio, and cleared all hidden data files associated with Roblox, reinstalled and the exact same issue still occurs.

PS. I would post this in bugs, but it’s restricted to Regular members (not sure how I’m not a regular member though)


Bump. This is a serious issue for me and I haven’t had any attempted solution work.

This is already an active discussion in the bug report section.

You can find the link here: Studio Crashes When Opening The Object Browser and What's New Menus While Editing Place

Follow the instructions in the thread and hopefully you can be moved onto a stable version.

Hope you get it sorted, cheers.

That’s for the Object Browser. Object Browser was crashing my studio a few days ago too, but now it’s editing scripts that crashes my Studio.

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I still very much need this issue resolved !

I am still in need of a solution…

This studio update is entirely non-functional on my device. I used geek uninstaller to fully clear my Roblox. Re-installed, and no fix. In addition, even opening the object browser causes my studio to crash. Closing studio (even after having just opened it) causes Studio to stop responding (and doesn’t close)

Bummer, I am having the same exact issue. Whenever a script commits, I crash. Whenever I click the + sign on an instance, I crash. This has made studio completely unusable for me and I haven’t found a fix either. Some attention on this would be great.

I’ve also done the same steps you said, yet nothing has worked for me.

Here : Roblox-Studio-Mod-Manager
I am using version released on Aug 30th and it works great !