New Style of Simulator Help Needed

Hi there! I am an bad developer and currently I am trying to make a new concept of a Simulator that will be different.
The Team
@Uh_Lewis - Owner/Builder
None - Scripter
None - UI
None - Builder

We don’t have any progress I would like the start the Development with a real group of Developers.

We are looking for a builder, scripter and someone to do the UI’s.

Examples of what you will be building/Scripting/UI’s
Low Polly building, YETE
Just normal scripting that will script a simulator (I don’t know what to say about scripting)
UI’s like a basic simulator.

Our game must have good dedicated developers!

I really don’t know a payment I can get a certain amount of ROBUX if it goes bad.

Contact us by
Contact us by using the Dev Forum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:!

Idk about you but I don’t think people will click on this can you make it so that we don’t have to click on a link? As well as I clicked on the link and what you are asking is that you need a low-poly?

Like just a basic low-poly builder. and sure.

You all so looks for someone to make you some custom music for your game? If so

Hey Dev,
I currently know how to make music If I can’t make it then I will hit you up. :smiley:

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Aye. I am interested…wonder what kind of simulator it is…

I could do the UI if there is a down payment.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you !!
I have a question, would you be interested in hiring a Spanish translator or builder?

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