New Terrain and Parts Materials Preview Build! Oh YES!

Then they could add a material for that use. The new cobblestone looks better due to the pattern. (It’s one of the materials where the noticeable tiling doesn’t cause issues.)

By the way, I also want to say that in Future lighting, metal is a lot less reflective.

New textures:

Old textures:


Metal before and current material is WAY to dark, for example when I put metal material on an object when its night i can barely even see the object.


Tbh wouldn’t it be better if cobblestone would look well both as a path and a wall?

Tbh it can’t be one material, as cobblestone paths and cobblestone walls look noticeably different. They should just separate it into Cobblestone Flooring and Cobblestone Walls.

Yes. This is good.
Except grass.

I hope that the new material expansions stated in the original post are also going to to be in the update.

p l e a s e

g i v e

edit: also give us both the original new cracked slate texture and the new new not cracked slate texture. Give both.

I am once again asking that you let us keep using the old materials side by side with the new ones.


not side by side, just in a toggle under lighting. we are already going to have a massive amount of materials, going through the list would be a nightmare. I don’t wanna go through all my scripts just to switch to the exact material i want.

I disagree. Why would you limit the freedom you have with materials by forcing you to either use one or the other, rather than just giving us all the materials and renaming the old ones to “classic _”?

I like some of the new textures and would love to use them, but I would also love to continue using the old ones.


The list is already a nightmare to parse through, and having both would most likely cause scripting issues. Also, that would almost double the amount of materials (which would sometimes feel like there is a bunch of filler materials) and it might scare away new builders.
Having it so you can toggle between old and new would still allow for a lot of choice.

Once again, you’re suggesting to limit a freedom of something on a platform with the slogan “Powering Imagination.” Most, or all the new materials are going to get a new name anyways too, if you were worried about scripting issues. As a builder, I don’t really care about weather or not the materials list is a “nightmare” to go through, because I, and I think many others value freedom to use the materials I want over having to adjust to a new list.


I don’t want to limit freedom, I’ve literally mentioned multiple times that a system like Minecraft resource packs would be great. But remember, Roblox Studio is supposed to be the easy for newcomers to use, and having that many duplicate materials would only be good for advanced users. It’s meant to be the DooM (2016) of dev software, if you dislike that use Unreal or Unity, both of which are the DooM Eternals of dev software.

Did you gloss over this in the original post?

As a builder, the current list is a pain to use, and I very much care about that. Studio has to be relatively simple.

Respectively, your entire argument is based around the list being a pain. While I think it may be more difficult for newcomers to find the material they want in the list, if you use it enough you will get used to it and it will become second nature. That happens when you look at the same list over and over again.

I fail to see how making you decide weather or not you’re going to use XYZ materials or ABC materials, when you want to use materials AXBCZ is not limiting your freedom.


Roblox Studio is for the newcomers, can you not understand that? Also I’ve been using Studio for a year, and it’s still not second-hand.

Studio is for literally everyone who wants to dev on roblox, and perhaps you should make an effort to memorize where things are then.

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I can’t remember where things are, because I have genuine memory issues (I can’t even read a line of non-code text without losing track of where I am). Also, it’s clear that they are having it be for the new players with some of new announcements (specifically the indoor reflections post).

Alright, here is a solution (that we wont get, not today at least) then.

Material categories on the material list, similar to the weapons selection in Half-Life. This way its easier for new players and there would be less list to memorize.

And the scripting, they could find a way around the issues.

I however, strongly disagree with making developers choose a set of materials they want to use, rather than just letting use all of them, even if it will make materials list more difficult.


Ehhh, the scripting might not be easily fixable. Maybe it could be a list under lighting like the lighting systems list.
That could be a decent workaround!


Theres a weird glitch on lower settings (tested on lowest) that the pavement is a lot smaller then on the higher (tested on highest)



Also it seems on lower settings (tested on lowest )the corroded metal material is higher res. But I think it’s because it’s a lot smaller then on highest



The tilling difference on lower settings affects other materials like cobblestone

Also why is PBR enabled on 3 bars on parts but not on terrain.


What person would use cobblestone for walls? Cobblestone IRL is for ground. Also, cobblestone was not a part material before so I don’t see the issue here

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Cobblestone WAS a part material before, it simply had a different texture. Also, cobblestone is used all the time in building. It was one of the main building material in the 1500s.