New Toolbox Bugs

With the recent release of the new toolbox design, which looks amazing by the way, I have run into a few minor bugs. Some of these bugs are minor and only cosmetic while others do somewhat make it a bit harder to use the next toolbox.

  1. Text can no longer be selected by holding the left mouse button and dragging over it or using the Crtl + A shortcut

  2. The hover effect for when your mouse enters a search result sometimes stays after your mouse leaves that search result

  3. The audio preview button slightly goes outside of the box

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The thing I don’t like about this update is the fact that you are no longer able to click on a person’s name and view the rest of their free models


These are not new bugs. The toolbox has turned into a Lua widget and that means some features were dropped because Lua widgets / the Lua code responsible for the UI doesn’t support these features (yet).

Please refer to this thread:

Closing this one as it is mostly a duplicate. Feel free to continue discussion on the thread above.

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