New ui blur [fully automatic]

cool stuff. will have to play around with it.

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it isn’t working, help please. i’m trying to message you on discord


it isn’t working i have the frame a bit transparent and graphics are maxed. please help

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Could you add me on discord so i can see what problems you are experiencing.

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I tried to but you didn’t except it

Sorry about that, Just send me another request and i’ll accept it.

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i sent it hop you accept today!

I will try it for my hyperrealistic game.

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sorry to necro

so im assuming this is only for permanent uis, cus when a ui is closed u can’t undo the blur

& disabling the blurcreator leaves wedgeparts all over the place and can cause lag.

Yes, as i said in the topic it’s not a good solution but it works.

You can use positions instead of visiblity, Change the position to hide the blur and the frame. Sadly i dont think there is a way for ME to change it but, Taht’s exactly why i made the module script public, for free edit.

so how would i do this? because the parts arent attached to the frame i want to tween

game:GetService(‘TweenService’):Create(YOURFRAMELOCATIONHERE, HERE), {Position = HERE)}):Player

i just made this in the topic so im not sure if this will couse any bugs.

what is :Player for ? dont think that is a function.

sorry yea it is suppose to be :Play() im coding rn i guess i kinda got overwhalmed lol mb

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Your module does not even work. At least make a test place or something.

use require(14724211362):ModifyFrame(script.Parent, "Blur") instead of downloading the module… I’ve just tested and it is working fine.

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I wrote in the topic to NOT USE LOCAL SCRIPTS, The module only works with a normal script.

Besides that if you do want to use the local script atleast use the direct blur version

The script works 100% fine but only if you use it correctly.

You’re using a . method call despite the author clearly defining the function call method to be :.

Use module:ModifyFrame(frame, "Blur") instead.

Next time, be less passive aggressive.

Good work, I plan on making a fork out of this that has support for both Neon parts and this new tech.

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