New UIListLayout Flex Features [Beta]

Please tell me a date of when it will be officially re-enabled! It feels really counter intuitive for me to have to do all this work when this feature would’ve solved all my problems.


Is there a way to make the UI list layout wrap upwards instead of downwards when it wraps horizontally? No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t wrap upwards.

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Oh yeah, it would be cool if it could take into account the alignment values (horizontal and vertical).

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After several months of use, I think it is a good feature. However, there may be conflicts between it and AutomaticSize that make me unwilling to use it again. It has disrupted my UI layout, and I don’t know how to describe the problems it brings. tired What a pity! Unfortunately!

Thanks for the feature request! I believe someone else also requested this earlier. Currently, the UIListLayout only wraps top to bottom or left to right.

I think it shouldn’t be too hard to add this, I think it would function similar to flex-wrap: wrap-reverse (link) in CSS.


Thank you for your feedback! If you have a chance, could you please share some specific conflicts with AutomaticSize that are causing issues for you? Any repro files/screenshots would be very helpful!

We would like to fix AutomaticSize + flex bugs!

I’ve found this bug when using a UIListLayout with a vertical alignment other than ‘Top’ under a ScrollingFrame with AutomaticCanvasSize set to Y.

Basically, elements under the ScrollingFrame will have their position changed on the AbsoluteWindowSize instead of AbsoluteCanvasSize property when AutomaticCanvasSize is set to Y. This creates a problem once there are enough elements that they become larger than the ScrollingFrame’s AbsoluteWindowSize.

Effectively, their positions are set to negative values outside of the ScrollingFrame’s canvas and a large empty space is created in their absence.

Here shows that this only happens when AutomaticCanvasSize is set to Y, because if I provide the proper CanvasSize instead of using AutomaticCanvasSize it displays as (I believe) intended.

I’m sure this likely applies to horizontal layouts too, but I haven’t tested that.

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Forgot to mention, the left one is using ‘Top’ for the VerticalAlignment, middle is ‘Center’, and right is ‘Bottom.’

Here’s a .rbxl with this setup
UIListLayout w Automatic Canvas Size ScrollingFrame.rbxl (71.4 KB)

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Another delay, noooooo :joy:
Nah, just joking, I am happy if there are going to be less bugs in the final release which … will, maybe, be in a year :sweat:

Hey Roblox, its been a few months, please hurry it up already!


Any idea when UIListLayout.Wraps is going to release? I made a UI dependent on it and I would really like to have it out before august so I don’t have to manually script a way for it to work how UIListLayout.Wraps works.


Is there a forum to get the feature enabled on a specific place? I’m working on a branded experience and we heavily rely on this feature being enabled. :sob:

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