New veteran badges

I’ve played Roblox for 9 years (next month).

I’d love to have some extra badges for us veterans to strive towards. Badges for big accomplishments. Millions to tens of millions of plays, hundreds or even thousands of followers, exceptional item trading, etc. Maybe that’s a little too vain though

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A badge for 1000 concurrent players at one of your games would be cool.


I really worked towards the 1000 Blocksmith badge, but after that there wasn’t really any other badge to go for so I didn’t really have a goal until DevEx began.


A 10 year badge would be so awesome; more badges in general would be a lot of fun, especially with increasing difficulty.


just did a poorly crude version of the 10 year badge


Can’t believe its been 10 years

Lmao First time I played ROBLOX was as a guest in 2009. Didn’t even bother to make an account until 2015. I guess DevEx kinda made me want to. GG to all us 5+ years!

It’s also funny that I waited until April Fools day to create it lol.