New way of getting Game Pass ID

If I use “{assetId}/view” and input my gamepass’ asset ID it just redirects me to someone’s game. Am I doing it right?

My game pass:


Game passes no longer use asset IDs. They have their own separate IDs. You can grab the game pass ID from the Create page under your game passes, clicking on the pass, and copying the ID from the URL.


I do this but the ID in the URL is the ID for someone’s game. Is this just an unlucky coincidence or am I still doing it wrong?


I gave it a try too and used this format to get a gamepass’ page from its ID, then I tried with a gamepass of my own
does this work any better?{gamepassId}/view

Still the same ID.

Can you link me your gamepass so I can try it with something different. Just to see if I’m actually doing it wrong.

I tried with one of the gamepasses from Jailbreak too and it worked
maybe it doesn’t work if the gamepass is not “on sale”?

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Is the ID supposed to stay the same, because I tried it with a Jailbreak one just now and it took me to a different page but with the same ID.

I haven’t verified with gamepasses that are not on sale, but I did with yours and it did work as I expected it to
I also used it with internet explorer to make sure it ain’t the browser or some plugin I use that tampers with the site, and it also works there
maybe if you try using this link directly it will work?

This is the ID I copy?

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I already followed it but when I enter the asset ID into the URL “{assetId}/view” it takes me to someone’s game.

Here’s my gamepass’ asset ID: 4866472

I think I understand what you’re saying in that you are being redirected to a game - however I fail to see what is wrong with this. Why do you need a redirect link to send you somewhere you already are?

You have the game pass’s URL and its ID, what are you trying to get from the redirection link?

ID in that page’s URL is the gamepass’ asset ID

what I’ve been trying to say is:
use “game-pass” instead of “library”
because, as SummerEquinox mentioned, ROBLOX does not treat the gamepasses as “assets” anymore, but as “gamepasses”
and they assign an unique ID to each one
since they started a new category, they can assign IDs starting from 1 again, I assume, so if you use the same ID looking in the library instead, you’ll find something else, not a gamepass


Sure, but that shouldn’t interfere, you should be able to prompt purchases for your game pass completely fine - if that doesn’t work then it’s an entirely new issue.

I’ve had this issue. I think it’s a bug for sure.

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Your question has been answered multiple times. There’s a big difference between asset IDs and game pass IDs. Your game pass is using a game pass ID, not an asset ID. So when you try to plug the ID into the url{assetid}/view, it will take you to the page of the item having an asset ID equal to your game pass ID. Use the proper link for game passes, which as you’ve been told is{gamepassid}/view.

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As others have noted on this thread, it’s less about which ID you’re grabbing and more about what you’re plugging that ID into.