New Zombie FPS - Need Alpha Testers

The progress of your game looks very interesting, especially to me, who is a fan of games with this theme. Iā€™m glad that this genre of games is making a big comeback.

Thanks. Glad you enjoy the game and many updates to come!

New Update Released!!

  • New Free Wind Gun Pickup
  • New Recoil Pattern System
  • Improved Zombie Bots and more!
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The truth is that it is a good game in my point of view, although it needs to be optimized a little more, but everything is fine.

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  • Level System with UI
  • New Map Nano Obby (15+ minute long map)
  • Character Animations
  • Train service improvements (moving platforms)
  • NPC Improvements


  • wind gun server replication
  • cancel gun inspect on and action (fire)
  • castle obby spawn did not progress
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Testing out the NPCs to see there jumps

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wsp ZP survivors. Bringing you a new update for the weekend

  • mystery pickups
    ā€“ Human: wind, sniper, flamethrower, grenade
    ā€“ Zombie: spear, katana
  • castle lava room
  • zombie attack animations
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another update my friends

  • New Menu
  • Stun Grenade
  • Zombie Rage
  • Compound map improvements
  • platform map improvements

New Update

  • MP5 1 year anniversary skin!
  • Zombie NPCS
  • NEW WEAPONS, MP9, Bat, knives, zombie claws
  • New models for guns
  • leaderboard all time states
  • personal stats