Nightfalls Event List

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Starts: Sunday, November 29th at 5pm CST
Where: Tripp’s Jailbreak VIP

What are we doing?
We will be playing Jailbreak Game Modes, Cops and Robbers, and Hide N Seek.

Pog Points:
can be earned by winning the Game Mode: Battle Royale.

  • What are Game Modes?
    As of right now, there are 3 different game modes: Battle Royale, Alien Infection, and Jetski racing.

  • How do you play Jailbreak Hide and Seek?
    The rules are simple, hide in the prison and be the last one found. You can hide anywhere that doesn’t use a glitch, hack, and keeps you on the prisoner team. Only the prisoners can play. Once or if you’re found, you must leave the prison. Returning will result in getting kicked off the server.

  • What about Cops and Robbers?
    In this mini game, everyone on the Criminal team tries to get a 4K dollar bounty in 15 minutes, while the cops are trying to kill / arrest them. If the ANY of the criminals get the bounty before the time is up, the Criminals win. If the Cops manage to fend off anyone getting that bounty in the given time, the Cops win. (keep in mind that we play on vip servers, it’s harder to get bounties)


Starts: Saturday, November 28th at 5pm CST
Where: Tripp’s Arsenal VIP

What are we doing?
We will mainly be playing Competitive and Clown Infection, along with other VIP exclusive game-modes!
Pog Points can be earned by winning the “Headshots Only” gamemode during the event.