NightLapse Studios is Hiring!

The Studio
NightLapse Studios is a development studio that started out in August of 2019. We currently have one public project that took us 8 months to construct.

As a studio, we strive to create unique experiences for our players by always detailing our games with magical secrets and adventures.

An important part of us is that we see every member of the studio as a friend, so everyone gets a say in what happens.

The Project
We are working on a bullet hell, top-down shooter. It takes place in the future but features weapons/enemy’s that are mixed between “magic” and the future.
As of right now, we have been working on it for 2 months.

The Team

  1. vijet1#1415: Advanced Scripter
  2. Rusty#9539: Advanced Scripter
  3. novadogg#0913: Builder

Both me and Rusty are educated in most other areas of development as well.

We are looking for artists of all kinds to join the project and/or studio, Specifically:

  • UI Design
  • Sound
  • Modeling
  • Animating

Must haves

  • 13+
  • Speak English
  • Portfolio
  • 35+ hours per week (With exceptions)
  • The more you know about Roblox all around, the better

As a developer of NightLapse Studios, you are expected to contribute original, high-quality work that you are proud of. Based on the quality and quantity of the work you provide, your pay will be adjusted and/or provided. You can choose between commission and percent, but the pay is competitive. A percent is only available to those that are willing to work just as much, or more, than me. Everyone here gets a say in what happens, when you join, you are not seen as a worker, but a partner.

So, what are you waiting for? Message vijet1#1415 on discord if you want more information and/or are ready to be interviewed!

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What is the exact payment for each position?

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Thanks! Can we move to discord though? vijet1#1415
I’ll get back to you when we have made a decision.

Added. Thanks for taking notice.

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