No documentation for plugin:CreatePluginMenu and return types listed incorrectly


There is no documentation listed for the plugin function CreatePluginMenu some doumentation is listed here.

Furthermore the return types for CreateDockWidgetPluginGui, CreatePluginAction, CreatePluginMenu, CreateToolbar,GetMouse and Union are all listed as Instance.

Plugin union operations Negate, Separate and Union are defined to use “Objects”?


This is a limitation of Roblox’s API Dump, not an issue with the DevHub. You’ll notice this issue with all function arguments that take instances, as well as all functions that return an instance.

Roblox’s reflection system at a static level only knows if an object is going to return an instance, it doesn’t know what instance it will be specifically until run-time.

The wiki worked around this at the time by manually grooming the data with additional metadata to describe types. While the DevHub could possibly do this, it would be better if Roblox could just update the reflection system to support explicit instance type binding for functions.

The only exception to this rule is properties that reference specific object types, such as Constraint.Attachment0. Reference properties are a special extension to Roblox’s standard property descriptor, which explicitly defines what object type they are using, and this type could be described in the API Dump because its a static definition that exists when Roblox is compiled.


Thank you for explaining this. I did not see your previous post.

I have also checked Studio api dump \RobloxStudioBeta.exe -API E:/log.txt and get the same results of return type being Instance.api_dump.txt (2.0 MB)

I really feel that this is a critical problem that Roblox needs to address. Resolving this would be of great benefit to the whole Roblox community even if the solution is not ideal or time consuming.


+1 for this, I had to look through BuiltInPlugins to see what CreatePluginMenu does and how to use it.


Hey everyone! We just flushed out the Plugin/PluginAction/PluginMenu documentation a bit. The updated content should be live within the next 48 hours.

I’d love to hear any plugin-related example or uses you’ve found as you attempted to grasp at it.