No way to archive an image, animations, shirts and pants

Hello I noticed the red to archive disappeared.
I realized it disappeared when people on social links complain to get banned because of DMCA, they have no way to get rid of these assets with no archive button. So I thought the archive button still exist but no. I checked in development items, there’s no red button.

Please bring back this button, and add it everywhere, even for clothing assets.


I wonder if it’s a bug or if Roblox purposely removed it just to terminate people’s accounts unfairly.


It was never possible to archive these asset types to begin with. You can only archive Decals, Audio, Videos, MeshParts, and experiences.

Archiving a Decal/MeshPart will also archive any Image/Mesh assets associated with them.

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I was given a DMCA notice this morning for a shirt I uploaded a year back because it contained a logo owned by Audi AG. Fair. Roblox took the item down themselves and advised that I “…remove from your group… any content that you do not have permission to use”. I’m trying to get rid of any other shirts in my group and my profile that contains copyrighted content via archiving, which Roblox told me to do in the DMCA notice email. However, there is no way to archive neither the shirts nor the templates associated with them. I’m afraid that doing the most I can do, which is taking the items offsale, will still get me hit by moderation.