Non-constructive, yes-man responses in Support sections

In the Support forums I’ve noticed a running trend that many replies may lack detail or quality. When posters ask for opinions on what they’ve made or how to improve, many threads are filled with yes-man responses such as “This is absolutely amazing! 10/10!” or something along those lines. Frankly, these responses tend to clutter the thread and cause more detailed replies to look overlong and unkind in comparison.

I was reading through the rule book and saw that “Every reply must be meaningful, contributive, and on-topic.” Are these comments able to be classed as ‘contributive’? Not a dig at any posters in particular – just a general query. As someone who likes to put effort in my own responses, sometimes I feel overshadowed by the sheer number of these smaller, kinder, yet ultimately unhelpful replies.


I’ve mostly seen this issue in building support and art design support. It also seems that if one user will make a contributive post in those sections, other users will simply repeat what that single poster has said while not adding to what they’ve said at all. I had a thread myself in which people simply said “I agree with X!” without adding to their points and simply being a broken LP.

Ever since the full member promotion process was updated this has become even more prevalent it seems, but I might just be crazy.


I completely agree with @oneandonlyralph!

In all seriousness, I’ve noticed this as well. Back when my application first got accepted there was a general quality to nearly every post on the forum. It was extremely refreshing. When the automated New Member approval process was added, I noticed a general lack of quality in posts. It’s as if these new New Members think that having an extremely large post count is going to be their ticket into the Member rank/category.


This topic is starting to be common in this forum. :eyes: Did you not check if one already existed?

Yes, but I couldn’t find one recently.

Here ya go.

I did check that before posting this. I must admit they are different points.

That thread regards replies that agree with previous replies with no further input: “I agree with T0ny that…”, for example.

My thread regards small, but ultimately unhelpful replies that do not reference past respondents and do not contribute anything on their own. For example, “I think this build is great! I give it a 10/10! Keep up the good work!”.

Oh god those rate x/10 threads. I was hoping someone would put a stop to them before they got out of hand.


Yeah, well part of me feels like I’m addressing the elephant in the room. I don’t want to sound bigoted by attacking a whole plethora of threads but yes, I agree, they are out of hand.

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x/10 threads really shouldn’t be on this forum. They are magnets for low quality replies and are completely arbitrary. People need to be asking/giving full input in general if they want help or want to help other users.


Yeah the fact that people are satisfied and actually want a 0 out of 10 rating means that you had no intentions on listening to their constructive feedback in the first place. But I’ve noticed that people still give constructive feedback anyways which made me feel relieved a bit. But I still fear it’ll eventually catch on.


Flag these types of responses for being off-topic or spam.

Yep. Already started doing this but the worry is that I’ll end up inevitably having to flag the majority of threads lol. I’ve seen so many packed with poor responses and surely not everything can end up being hidden?

You should still flag the posts. They will not be hidden if people do not start flagging them.

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Fair enough. I’m just very inexperienced with flagging and tend to worry that it makes me feel like the gestapo lol. I suppose you’ve cleared this up for me!

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