[NOT HIRING] Scripters and Builders - Waterpark

About Us

Greetings, my name is Goal, and I am looking for a scripter and a couple builders to assist me in the construction of a tropic themed waterpark.
We are hoping that this will provide a unique experience for the Roblox community, and a unique experience for staff too. We want to bring a more enjoyable aspect to working in Roblox, rather than the standard Hotels and Cafes.

The Team
@goalmwo - Founder and Builder
@username - Scripter
@username - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for both builders and scripters to help construct this waterpark. The park will be based off of a tropical theme, almost like Volcano Bay but without the volcano. The build is expected to have Tiki huts, and such. We would be looking for a lazy river, main pool, slide pools, and more. We would also need 1 or 2 cafes/restaurants around the park. The terrain would need to have palm tress, Tiki statues, and have a tropical “vibe”. The scripter would need to make the cafes, slides, and lazy river functional, as well as other side tasks.

Reference images for what we are looking for

We are aiming to release the game in 4/6 months, before anyone else can hop on the trend. :grimacing:


This is the main issue. Before you contact me, please read through the below paragraph carefully, as I am sure this will put you off.
I have little to no Robux. The only income I receive are from commissions, and that is only 500 - 1000 Robux a week. Therefore, I have enough for advertising, but not for hiring someone. I would really like to bring this idea to Roblox, in order to provide a happy experience, but I am unsure on how I will do this considering what I have to offer. I have my art and building skills, but my scripting is useless and my builds aren’t always very detailed. I would ask for investors but as you know, that is no longer allowed. I am creating this as a “last hope” as this will probably not work.
If someone else who HAS funds wishes to take on this idea or help me with it, please contact me. Please do not just steal it.
Anyways, so I can only really offer a precentage of the profit, and profit will not come until I can publish the game.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on DevForum or through Discord. My Discord user and tag is Spork#1400 if you have any questions.

Note: Although I have the funds to, I haven’t made the group yet, but if anyone is willing to work with me, I will create one.

Thanks for reading! I doubt I will get anyone, but it’s worth a go. :smile:

NOTE: No longer hiring, and I am holding the project until I have more funds.


[OPEN]Experienced Builder [For Hire] here my portofolio u can see my builds here i only accept Pay per asset!

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Hiya, if you read my paragraph under “Payment” then you will see that I cannot do per asset. Please read it, thanks!

Hiya Goal, I build and am setting up my portfolio later, I will notify you when I do. (I’m aa_xve)

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