Notify only when Author reply option

Give us an option to be notified only when the Author of a thread posts a reply.

Most open source libraries found in #resources:community-resources will have upload logs or important changes posted the the author as a reply.

Most of us don’t care about other replies, and by adding this it would help us waste less time checking threads when there isn’t anything important.

let me know if this should be requested on instead


Good idea and I do believe that this is a discourse thing. Categories don’t have this kind of notification settings on both the user end as well as the admin end


Just FYI (I believe I’ve seen you post “this is a Discourse thing” a few times recently), Roblox is definitely still interested in receiving these requests in this category even if they are something for Discourse to implement in the base software: Highlighted comment and more numbers of solutions of a topic? - #11 by Hooksmith

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Iirc, Discourse is open sourced, so how come Roblox just can’t implement the changes on their own server?

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Because Discourse isn’t a static piece of software. They would need to merge changes from upstream frequently and Discourse might change functionality/classes in the future that they would need to change now to implement these features. Forking an active open source project is a pretty big headache.

Also, Discourse itself has way more visibility on the current codebase and the vision they have for how certain things are structured.