Nyctophobia: Main Menu Feedback

Hey everyone!

I have been working on a roblox horror game Nyctophobia <— (This link is for the old main menu). I wanted to make a new main menu because the old one seemed really old, and not modern.
I decided to modernize it to look extremely better, but i am not quite sure of how i could update it or what should i do with the new main menu.

Here is the link to the NEW main menu.

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I think the menu is nice. But on the computer, when you join a server its extremely pixelated and hard to read?

The pixelated text is Roblox’s fault. I tried to fix it but couldn’t.

Tip would just be to not use rich text + text scaled. Really bad mix. Instead use image buttons, or just use text scaled without rich text

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Maybe switch it with ui? So when the pc switches on, it turns up with ui, or idk

I am going for a style, which isn’t that it shows the ui on the screen of the player but the screen on the computer in-game.

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It’s actually a property of SurfaceGuis. Just increase the PixelsPerStud property. You may have adjust a few elements (especially Text if you haven’t used TextScaled).

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I have just found a post. Text is appearing blurry on Surface GUI - #17 by Astr0Derp

Which says the same thing, but thank you!!!

Your new menu is overally pretty nice. However there are 2 thing that you could change:

  • Add a camera transition between the menu and the screen, because right now it just hops to the front of the screen: (couldn’t upload mp4 because too big)

  • Like @Swellsways already said, the screen is really pixelated. It’s almost impossible to read and makes players want to leave the game because of the quality.

  • Reduce the use of free models. It’s kinda “alright” to use free models, but not that much. The entire lobby is actually free models, the chair, the PC, the desk, the plant. Everything. Try to make some models yourself! :slight_smile:

Besides that, it’s pretty good for now.


The models that are currently in the game are free models except for the plant’s vase, because the current models are getting made.

I have managed to add a camera transition between the menu and the screen.