Obby Virtual! [ALPHA]

Hello, Virtual. Before I begin, is this your first game?

Onto the review, upon joining the game, I am bombardized with countless free models.

In my opinion, if you want your game to succeed, free model usage should be kept to a minimum.

Gameplay-wise, the obby isn’t really big at all, and I would suggest being on a tactical schedule, i.e. make 10 stages per day, to expand and add variety to your game.

Design-wise, I see you created a day/night circle in the game, which is pretty cool, I think that during nighttime it is extremely hard to navigate through the obstacles as they blend in well with the environment.

Finally, I wouldn’t skip mentioning the tons of UI blasted onto me upon arriving.

I mean yeah they do look cool, but they take up a big percentage of my screen, which is not good.

Overall, the game is decent but there is much room for improvement. Try to get inspired by other obbies and pick up original ideas, think out of the box! Have a nice day!

EDIT: Does the shop have a use yet?


Also, in the volume frame, I would suggest using math.round to make the transition more smooth between volume playbacks.

That’s being fixed next update, I am trying to figure out why it keeps breaking. Regarding the lighting, the night will be way more brighter next update.

The shop is gonna be added, regarding the free models, I am not the best at scripting. How does using their systems, but rebuilding them to fit in with the game style. Also, with the GUI, I am remaking most of it and moving some to the topbar using TopbarPlus.

EDIT: some things that will be moved to the topbar: shop button, Twitter codes, shells display, and the join log thing is gonna be whitelisted to admins only.

Thank you for the feedback, I will play those and get some in inspiration.

Since everyone is saying similar things about what it needs, here’s a list of what problems I am currently aware of.

List of Problems
  • Night is too dark.
  • Too many free models.
  • Bombardment with UIs.
  • Needs more stages that are original.

Also, @Kostiskat, I am aware of the UI issues. I plan on fixing them. As a note, the billboard part of the update log is a free model, but the log itself is customly designed and scripted myself.

@LikeWaterOk I used some assets from the JToH tower kit for the jump pad. I have no clue on why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

When I have the chance again (I can’t access my PC), I will release a short update log of the next update. Almost EVERYTHING players say is taken into consideration. Please continue giving feedback on my game.

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Ayy! I’m super happy to see someone made use of the dialogue plugin! Still a bit rough on the edges especially with the pre-built system but it’s getting better! Can’t wait to try this out. I’ll definitely be giving you some feedback tomorrow after I wake up.

I’m not really a fan. The nighttime is so dark I can’t see anything. The jump pad doesn’t work for me so I literally cannot complete stage 7.

So far it’s been a good game. Somethings I do recommend is setting the respawn time to instant, also maybe get rid of the day/night cycle because it can be a little difficult to see. Anyways, keep up the good work :+1:

Check the list of problems post I made above.

All right time for the feedback. I’ll point out most of what everyone else already pointed out. Those things mainly being:

  1. Nights are way too dark. It’s really hard to navigate through the obby during that time.

  2. Way too much UI. My attention was grabbed by the UI the second I joined in. It’s a little too distracting if I may say. And the UI that did matter just got buried under everything else.

  3. Usage of free models. Don’t get me wrong, using free models is okay but if you want a distinctive style to your game and your whole development style, I recommend moving away from them. Also making something unique is far more adventurous than seeing the same old assets in every other game.

Those are the main things that came to mind. There is a lot more to go over in the small details but unfortunately I don’t have time for that right now. Overall it’s a fun small project and if I were you I’d mainly use it as a learning experience.

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Thank you for your feedback. I am gonna stop using free models, but I will keep the current ones in the game. I plan on remaking the builds for them (I am not changing the shop because I like how the shop looks) so it will fit in with the game style. The game has a lot of errors behind the scene. The next update will have to be the biggest. Also, would having a lot of the GUI moved up to the topbar still catch your eye? I plan on making the GUI more compact.

Hello, everyone! I need to do an important poll regarding the in-game chat! I can’t decide between BetterChat and EchoChat. So I decided that the player base should decide!

Which chat system?
  • EchoChat
  • BetterChat

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betterchat you shoujld use they have same features but betterchat looks more like roblox chat even tho echo chat and has like a pfp thing you should use betterchat

I just cannot find an appropriate color, texture or material for a jump boost pad.

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have rays coming out of it (like wind) and make it yellow

Hey everyone! I will be adding your trusty companion, Noob! He will never leave your side!

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Hello, @Kostiskat! What you criticized has been fixed! The update is still being worked on, but you can see it for yourself in the game!

I am glad to see you listened to my feedback! I will go down to check the changes in a bit and provide any more feedback if needed!

Hello, everyone! This game is currently discontinued due to the fact I am making a new game! Message me if you want more info on the next game.