Obejcts won't rotate when rotating PrimaryPart

I know problem is in CFrame but i have no idea how to change it

I guess you need to weld or connect any other way these objects before rotating it

please send a video so we can analyze it

Well basically when i put object down on the floor, item faces the other way and if PrimaryPart is rotated 180° then item is facing correctly

are the parts anchored? or not?

Yes parts are anchored when placed

can you please send a video this dosent help

Sorry i cant send video right now but i know its something with this



instead of

clone.PrimaryPart.Orientation = Vector3.new(floor.Orientation.X, floor.Orientation.Y, floor.Orientation.Z)

is the item u rotating a model?

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If you want to tween multiple objects in a group from one part then you have to set up things in a certain way. The part being tweened has to be anchored and everything else unanchored, and then all the unanchored parts have to be welded to the anchored part with a Weld or WeldConstraint. There’s a post on this: Introduction to Tweening Models

Thanks for replying but i think the problem is CFrame position in this line

When i changed this line:


To this:
** It worked

Oh, alright. Well, if the problem is fixed, then everything is good.

But i dont know how to change CFrame on this script.


What’s that line supposed to do?

When placing item it faces the other way because of mainpart is rotated so i need to reposition CFrame in script

What if you rotated the main part so that it’s already rotated correctly

Then placed object is rotated correctly BUT i need items to be rotated ALSO when mainpart is rotated

Would it work if you tried to use welds like I suggested earlier?

I havent •••••••••••••••••••••

If you want all of the BasePart instances of the model to rotate respective to the rotation of the PrimaryPart of that same model then you’ll need to unanchor all of those BasePart instances and weld them to the PrimaryPart.