Object Oriented Programmer's Dream, a module so you never have to worry about weird work arounds to create classes ever again

hopefully with the new properties update, this module will have some relevance now :skull:

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I still don’t see the point of this at all.

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he thinks it makes OOP “easier” when it doesn’t, it’s worse than metatables, it doesn’t help organization and is bad practice and bad for performance, and none of us get it

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Although there is a point to be made that metatables could be better, I believe my module is better for new users to understand oop without having to go through the trouble of learning metatables (something I struggled with when I first started with luau). Also, with the plugin, things are very organized and easy to navigate, at least in my eyes. Other than that, the module only really offers one thing, properties, something that is incredibly difficult to do with metatables if you want to let inheritance still be possible. (Properties are a way to have a value that has code that is executed on get and set). I understand where you are coming from but Id also respectfully like you to acknowledge the fact that this may be very helpful for new users, and whether or not this is cleaner, more organized, or bad practice, is subjective. Furthermore, I never intended for this module to be for everyone, I made it for myself (even though I am already well versed in using metatables) and went through the painstaking process to document it in case someone could find it useful. It’s ok to have your opinions about my work but I think you should let people decide for themselves if they find it useful, as I know multiple people who do.

I am also doing my best to make the performance hit as small as possible, and am doing relatively well with that with precompilation and caching, although I definately have room for improvement.

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I have a problem with your plugin. Why this doesn’t show in the menu “Item”?

Hmm, thank you for letting me know, Ill look into that
Can you tell me exactly what happened so I can make it easier for myself to reproduce?

No idea just right clicked and maked a folder then it don’t show me the folder in the ui.

I cant seem to recreate this issue, maybe try restarting studio and see if that fixes the plugin. In the meantime Ill try to narrow down the issue. Let me know if you see any errors in the output!

Is the issue persisting? Or has it fixed itself
Also, you can right click on that gui and press create class to make one that way