Object wont move to position with tweenservice

Hi! I’m trying to get this turkey model to move to point1 However I keep getting the error

TweenService:Create no property named 'Position' for object 'Turkey2'

This is my current code, and I feel like I have everything setup properly so I’m not sure where i’m going wrong. Clearly i’m not setting the target position correctly, I’m just not sure how to fix.

I’ve tried going back over the documentation to see if there was anything that I was misunderstanding, and I also checked this out TweenService:Create no property named 'Position' for object 'OriginalPosition' none of these seemed to have helped.

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Model doesn’t have a property of position. You will have to tween its primary parts CFrame to the goal.


In a model we cant tween a thing model .So instead of keeping them in a model,keep them in a Folder.

Do WorldPivot.Position instead of Position if you are dealing with model. Haven’t tested it

To tween a model:

  • Weld all of the parts together to a PRIMARY part
  • Set the primary part of the model to that from before
  • Tween the primary part

Check out this community resource for additional help: Introduction to Tweening Models