Odd outcome with program reading Orientation

I don’t seem to understand exactly what you’re asking for. Do you want it to show changes in Orientation? Do you want it to only print out the initial Orientation on start-up?

I want it to show me the Orientation of Space_1 or the Position of the sun.
With that I can trigger what comes next. These readouts (prints) are not updating right.

Tried this many ways now … I know the logic is right as it works in the test program fine.
Have no clue why it can’t show me the Position of the sun in the here.

This program literally has 100’s of things going on at the same time. Maybe I hit some type of data barrier.

It seems I made two versions of this rotation. One is from a local script, the other is not.
Clearly I picked the local version as it is way smoother. AND this is where my problem is …
I can’t ask questions from a non - local script dealing with objects moved via local script.
As far as the server knows these objects are in fact not moving … Thus the same readout.
I think I had a drrr moment … my bad. @ MrKlocek called it from the start. Thank you.

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