Official Featured Sort Game Nomination Survey


What are Localized games?


Roblox games translated into other languages.


Does this mean that games translated into a specific language are getting prioritized in the regions where that language is spoken? This would be a wonderful motivation to translate new / existing games!

#46 We’d love our game to be featured, it’s available on all platforms and has support. I’m working on localisation for Spanish but I need to find someone who speaks Spanish and is affordable.


Here’s a list of potential translators

Also do not forget to submit your game through the Featuring Nomination Survey. Thank you for localizing! :slight_smile:


Submitted, really hope we pass :slight_smile:


The Featured Games sort is displayed to all players on the Roblox platform. The sort currently does not display games per region but it would be a cool idea to implement in the future.

When localizing your game into other languages it is always important to notify your audience about the changes as this could potentially bring in international player growth into your game without you even noticing.


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The Featured Games Sort has been updated. Here is the list of games included in this round.


  1. TDW2: Burst
  2. Ragdoll Combat
  3. GearLand
  4. Godzilla Simulator
  5. Fire Fighting Simulator


  1. Ro-Trip
  2. Clue: Crack The Case
  3. Alien Simulator
  4. Dinosaur Hunter


  1. The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 2
  2. Kingdom Chaos


Do both Clue: Crack The Case and Godzilla Simulator (Godzilla is not public domain) have explicit permission from their copyright owners, as required in the guidelines?



There is always at least 2 games per round that are plagued by obvious copyrighted material. This is a fair bit frustrating :grimacing:




i have a large amount of criticisms about the usage of the featured category, been frustrated for a long time


Well, if you do have some constructive criticism, you should definitely post it here. Change will not happen on wishful thinking, and we owe Roblox our opinion and criticism in order to improve the platform.


This game’s maps are all purchasable asset packs with no edits at all.

Goblin's Castle



Not sure if this is against any rules, but this game is purporting that these maps were created by the owner of the game, which they are not. (Presumably a reason behind it’s featuring was that the build quality is amazing, just letting you know that it’s not the creator’s building)


I wrote devrel an essay about poor choice in featured games a couple months ago in DMs

I’m very careful now though about what I say in this thread because criticism is not taken very well


Thank you for letting us know about these concerns. When going through the featuring process, developers are provided with a list of Featured Game Guidelines to follow and they provide a copy to us.

The games listed on the featured sort went through this process and have confirmed to us that they own all of the content in the game and passed the guidelines.

If there is content that is not owned by the developer. The original copyright holder may go through our DMCA process. You can check out the Terms of Use for more information. Select > Type of help category > DMCA > Owner DMCA Claim


The DMCA thing makes sense for games that aren’t featured, but the guidelines state “explicit permission” which I would assume entails Roblox asking the copyright owners? How do the developers “confirm” they have the rights to use the trademarks?


When a game goes through the featuring process, the developer is asked to provide us with a copy of the Featured Game Guidelines along with confirmation of owning the content in the game.


To get this right, the confirmation is just a written statement like “By allowing my game to get featured, I confirm that I own all the rights to the assets in my game”, so it’s solely the developer’s responsibility? These questions come from someone who hasn’t yet used the form to submit games for featured.