(Old Portfolio, please use new portfolio) GamersInternational, Aspiring UI (Graphics) Designer, Basic GFX Artist & Basic Scripter

Thank you for the feedback! It’s really appreciated :grin:


Updated my ToS slightly and made adjustments to payment methods for group funds.

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Will have some new icons showcased later, I’m really proud of these.

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Just added my latest icons [@csqrl check these out].


Everyone, I’m looking to experiment with making GFX! If you would like for me to experiment making GFX for you, then I’ll be charging :robux_gold: 20 for each GFX to improve my skills.

Just to let you know, the method I will be doing is without Blender as I find it easier to animate the models with Moonsuite Animator and then exporting the image with Microsoft’s 3D Viewer.

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Nice portfolio, but your robux to GBP conversions aren’t correct. Portfolios typically use the devex ratio, rather than the robux purchasing ratio (in which case using robux is probably more worth your time).

If you’d rather use the robux purchase ratio, that’s fine and I apologise. Just pointing that out as I see a lot of people make that mistake.

Hope this helps

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The reason why I used the purchasing ratio as I have never done DevEx and I have no idea what the rates are.

You can use this website:

to convert to DevEx rates. Alternatively, 100k robux is 350 USD.

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An update, I’ve completely nuked the icon section to show a much larger arrangement of all my icons in an image:

Just added GFX to my portfolio, offering competitive prices [however it’ll probably be lowered] since I don’t produce the same quality GFX’s as other people [I animate the rigs using the Studio plugin Moonsuite Animator and then export the image of the rigs using Microsoft 3D Builder].

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I’ve changed my availability to small jobs only for now (basically only the icons I offer right now).

I’ve currently got 4 jobs (could be 5 soon) so that is why I’ve changed my availability.

Changed information about my YouTube subscriber count and added a link to my other plugin so people can see more of my work.

I’ve also changed my availability page to show a much clearer image of my availability with a weekly availability section.

Since its been a while since you left that criticism @JustAnotherDevGuy, I hope you don’t mind but what do you think of my current set of icons? I’ve since refreshed my page where I show my work and I’m currently showing these icons.

Finally updated this week’s schedule (been the same for 2 weeks, should of edited it sooner).

I’m also now accepting 3 new icon sizes (don’t recommend them since I tend to design at a 512x512 resolution and stuff may be too small at lower resolutions). This also means my prices are now from 12 Robux :grin:. Please remember I’m always open for negotiation.

  • 48px Icon (20 Robux // no point in buying this rn due to the 20 Robux introductory price on the 64px icon)
  • 32px Icon (15 Robux)
  • 24px Icon (12 Robux)

Made a slight portfolio edit.

Icons in the icon list is updated to show more icons [getting close to being full now :smiley:]

I’ve also put a ridiculously low introductory price on the 32px icon [this probably won’t last long].

I’m no longer maintaining this portfolio since it’s old and messy. Check out the new portfolio: [Open \\ Prices from 10R$] GamersInternational, Aspiring UI [Graphics] Designer, Basic GFX Artist and Basic Scripter

You’re my favorite UI designer. :heart:

Lol thanks! Can you do it on my new portfolio next time since you bumped the old one.

I recommend Gamersinternational. Gets work done quick and is extremely kind and has reasonable prices.

Thanks! Would of preferred you sending it at my new portfolio but it’s perfectly fine.