Old Replies/Posts Appearing as New Notification on the Developer Forum

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open your Developer Forum (it can be from the website/the shortcut);
  2. Click on your profile icon;
  3. Have the notification category opened.

Current Behavior

Ever since the error of 500 appeared, another issue came on its back, the notifications section not showing any further notifications of those you are following, being from a player of the forum/a category (from your taste to track the first topics after created)… Today, the bug has been solved and now users are able to see normally.

However, recently, I have been receiving constant notifications that are the majority not new and I have seen before:



I’m also experiencing this problem still (but my notifications have returned):

(Reply is 2 days old)

(Most recent duplicate notification sent 43 minutes ago)

This is about the 5th time I’ve gotten notified about this reply despite viewing the notification and the reply already

Flagging doesn’t guarantee that a post will be taken down

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Can reproduce. This has been happening for the past few days.

It is incredibly annoying. When I’ve read a notification, I want it to stay as read. Not randomly go unread so I have to mark it over and over.

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for me it seems to be fine


Yes, it looks like it’s solved


This seems to have been resolved for me.