One Way Wall Type Thing

Hello Developers!
I recently saw this, in a game that most people might know.
Does anybody know how to create this? I’d really like to have something like it in my game but I have no idea what to search to figure out how, or how it even works.
It’s a oneway wall, that you can see through and walk around the wall, go behind it without colliding with anything. Even though you can see a building there, but when you walk directly into the wall you get put into the room. You can see players on the inside from the outside, but you can’t use it from the inside nor see outside from inside. Thank you in advance!

It’d probably work by detecting if the player’s character has gone past the wall, and if so, then re-enable collisions between player’s character and the wall.

But what about seeing the building and the players inside of it? It acts like a real-time painting that you can go inside of.

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