OOP is pretty easy to mess up

I never used OOP in lua before. It’s really a noticeable difference when a code language doesn’t handle it for you. I tried to make an event system with inheritance in module script but so far it looks out of place. Is this a general way of doing so? If no, Is there anything I can improve?

        --Base Event
    	Events.Base = {}
    	Events.Base.new = function()
    		local Event = {}			
    		Event.DisplayName  = "BaseEvent"
    		Event.Description = "BaseFlair"		
    		function Event:Run() 
                print("Fired " .. Event.DisplayName)
    		return Event
    	Events["Fireworks"] = {}
    	Events["Fireworks"].new = function()
    		local Event = Events.Base.new()
    		Event.DisplayName = "Fireworks"
            Event.Description = "Nice stuff going off"
            return Event

Is there a reason you’re not using any metamethods?

Can be made like this:

local Events = {}
Events.__index = Events

function Events.new(displayName, description)
   local self = setmetatable({}, Events)
   self.DisplayName = displayName
   self.Description = description
   return self

function Events:Run()
   print("Fired " .. self.DisplayName)


local ev = Events.new("bruh", "bruh moment")

Here's a link to a thread where you can learn about object-oriented programming (OOP):


My general strategy is to put all of my “classes” into their own ModuleScripts. Inside the ModuleScripts I create a table that is my “class” that gets instantiated, but I actually return a table that contains all my static members. So something like this:

local Foo = {} -- define a "class"
Foo.__index = Foo -- make this "class" use metamethods

function new() -- A static new method
    local self = setmetatable({}, Foo) -- Creates a new table that uses Foo as its metatable
    -- Set stuff on self for initialization. This is basically my constructor.
    return self -- self is the "instance" of the "class"

function Foo:Bar() -- An "instance method"
    print("Bar!") -- or whatever else you'd want to do

return { -- The actual return object of the ModuleScript
    new = new -- Returns the static items, which is usually just new

Looks way less clean, but if it’s the right way do to so I’m not to argue
tnx much

P.S Mainly because I’d have a set of fixed events within a module I can easily grab from anywhere, instead of constructing them at need.

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I generally follow the style guide

And as far as I can tell, is in line with the RDC video on performance -

Also, the RDC video

In particular, note the field allocation as discussed in the perf video

I have a personal tweak for inheritance for some rare cases, but probably want to avoid that as its not recommended in the style guide and may be poorly supported from a perf point of view.

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