[OPEN] ♢Web Developer ♢Discord Bots

About me!

*Greetings, I am JaymarThePG or Jay for short, I currently ONLY DO DISCORD VERIFICATION BOTS I am also currently offering web services of your desire!


I currently own a small side business called Softlouge

Our Services

Custom Website Design

We create custom professional looking and mobile-friendly website or a business process-driven web application.

Hosting/Free Migration

We host new and existing ( we offer free migration from GoDaddy, etc.) websites in our solid and secure server\infrastructure.

Digital Marketing

We develop, implement, and execute holistic digital campaigns to give your brand a stronger online presence at a reduced cost that would produce your result.

Email Marketing

Our designers will customize a mobile-responsive email template with your colors, logo, and contact info to drive customers to your website, Facebook page, and more.

Site Security

When we design and build your site, we would keep it secured. When we host your site, it runs on our secured server and we keep it secured.

Email Hosting

Distinguish your business with our email hosting service to host your email with your own domain name.

Virus or Malware Removal

Viruses and other malware that antivirus software can detect and remove aren’t the only threats on the internet. In addition to helping you remove detected virus or malware, Softlogue protects you against unsafe links and attachments, outdated software, and other common risk vectors that may exist on your website.

Online Shopping Cart

Empower your customer to buy online. We can enable shopping cart capability in a new or existing website.

24*7 Monitoring and Alert

Take advantage of our continuous monitoring service to keep your website functioning and secure not to miss a customer.

Human Support

Have a human help with your website development from the ground up and get human support when you need help with the issue.

Content Development

Struggling with content development for your help website? No worries we can help to develop the contents for a new or existing website upgrades.

SEO Optimization and enhancements

Your website will be optimized for ultimate performance.



I am usually very free during the weekday as from Monday- Friday and will be the best time to catch me. Saturdays are not the best time to contact me, but later in the evening, it will be a better time to catch me if necessary. My timezone is CDT


Payment options can be found here: https://softlogue.com/index.php/plans-and-pricing/

Note: If you wish to make payments with Robux, contact me on Discord to negotiate.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord @JaymarThePG#9999

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