[OPEN] [150k+] Hiring a Builder & Programmers for a Story/Single Player game

Lively Studios

@EggYolked - Building, 3D Modelling, Animations and UI Design
EMPTY - Builder
EMPTY - Programmer

Hello there! Lively Studios is a small development team which are looking to expand. We’re looking for a builder to join our team and work on our Game!

We want builders who are a expert in their field and have at least a year of experience. We will want someone who is active.
What you will be building:

  • House Exteriors
  • Roads
  • House interiors
  • Buildings with no Interiors
  • Rooms
  • Floor’s (i.e tilings)

We currently have one upcoming project on it’s way! It’s a story game/ single player! The planned release for the game is around December! This game is about you as a FBI Agent solving mysteries etc. More information will be shown once hired! I will be spending up to 50,000- 100,000 Robux on adverts or more.

Payment will be 100K (Price’s are negotiable)


Hope to see you soon and work with you soon! (I will get back to everyone who sends me their portfolio, I won’t leave people on a cliff hanger or ignore them. I will tell you if I hired you or not.)


Cheer’s I will add that up, I am planning to hire a programmer once I have fully secured ROBUX for them.

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Sent a discord friend request.
My user is Wolfenstien#7719


I added you. My discord username is Fourpapa1#4350


Hi add me my discord is
FloHwaii#2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Is it alright if you could show me some pictures or screenshots of what you would like done within your game, I’ll see if I would be able to do it.

My Portfolio:

Also, I’ve added you on Discord.
My username should be make it quite obvious that it’s me!


I have added you on discord! We’ll speak on there :slight_smile:

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Do note, I have added a google form rather than contacting me through discord etc. This is because I get too many friend requests. Please apply here:

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I see this being very similar to Entry Point. Maybe something to avoid.

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Not at all…

It seems like a similar concept. I think the theme and storyline should just be more defined in your post. Just so developers know what they’re applying for.

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Entry point is about robbing banks and my game is a sort of mystery game.

I’m hiring a programmer too! Do apply on the google form!

Would you be able to offer USD as well?
If you could I would definitely sign up.

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I could but I don’t know how much it would equal too. Also building style needs to be a bit like Roses (basically detailed)

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