[OPEN] [2,000+USD] Hiring Team For New Roblox Game


Hello! My name is Zachary Tarnopol AKA Poke (http://youtube.com/Pokediger1) I have come here to hire new roles for an upcoming project! I know people will have questions so I will try to answer a few below.

What is the goal of this game?
The game we will be creating will be a way to increase my content to a much bigger audience, fortunately with the fan base I have and the skills of YOU! Yes possibly you, we can create an amazing game! I can’t get into much detail without giving it away but it will be what I think the biggest gamechanger to Roblox Sims Type Content.

What roles do I need?
All of them actually, I am here to gather portfolios! If you have any experience and would like to send me your stuff and what you worked on, it would help a bunch! If you have a strong lead in one specific area, make sure to show that off!

How much is the pay?
Fortunately I am very blessed to put a good amount of money into this project. I am taking this very seriously and will invest into each contractor ahead of time.

If there are any other questions, feel free to answer! My goal here is simple, bring my experience of YouTube and gathering audiences and YOUR skills of building, scripting, modeling and more to create something beautiful! :slight_smile: Thank you all again.


I’m looking for commissions.
Edit: I recently changed my discord tag. veteraite#0121 and I am good at UI mostly


Hiya! I’m a low-poly modeler


Howdy there, I don’t know a lot about you, but I would love to apply.

I am interested in the builder, community managing and translating area, down is my portfolio.


If you wish to know more about me, feel free to contact me at Discord, Aleayx#0001. :))

Have a sweet day.


My Strength is UI design, I have been doing it for many years now. My Portfolio. I am also I Solo Developer, I have made a couple of games myself such as:
These games are made by me!
I would love to have the experience of working on an amazing game with an amazing team!
Thank you and if you would like to contact me my discord is: TheDCraft#1427


Hello, my discord is BanLloKei#1784 and I will show you my portfolio there and stuff and anything I need to answer so I hope to hear from you and I subbed to your channel!

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Im a map designer and modeler, Here is my portfolio. Stranded_Ocean#4377

[OPEN] Experienced Modeler and Builder

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Hi, I would love to work with you. User Interface Designer, chen#0072

Hey there, I am interested in this position!

Discord; vexqty#7995
Twitter; vexqt2

Hi friend, I’m interested, I think my experience is good for your project. You can tell me at discord: Ronald_YT # 4379

Here is my portfolio with some of my work.

Hey there! I’d love to apply for any UI, scripting, or GFX position! The only problem is having to be over 18. Are there any possible exceptions?

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Is there a contract, just asking? Also, what type of building sytle are you looking for? Plastic such as most simulators or semi realistic?

I’m bored. I’m a good builder, nice guy, and I work for free (all I want is credit). Hit me up anytime. Douglas MacArthur#2436

Somethin I did, Rockefellar Plaza - Roblox

Interested! Kadravaa | Builder/3D Artist Portfolio [Closed]

Feel free to message me if you need a Russian translator, 30 projects translated by me so far.

Hello! I’m Sinox. I have taken great interest in your project and would love to apply! Please note I do have experience working on greater scaled projects such as the one your trying to put together. For contact, my discord is Sinox#5016, if you do end up adding me just let me know in the reply section of this post so that I know to look for your request.

Hey I’m very interested for this task, Here’s my portfolio Vukangeneral2002 | 3D Modeler [OPEN]

Hello, Poke! I’m a small YTer myself (nearly 40K) but I’ve been finding my passion in building for roblox games as well as UGC items. Here’s my portfolio: UptownRose's Building Commissions. You can go to Twitter (@UptownRoseYT) to see my UGC concepts if you would like to see them. I’m a dedicated, mature worker who believes in giving my best to everything I do. I’d love to be considered for a building position! I can build low-poly and high-poly models, maps and any assets. You name it, and I can build it. You can reach me on Twitter the easiest, however you can also visit my discord at: UptownRose#6861 .

Thank you again for considering me and checking out my portfolio! Have a wonderful day!


Hi Pokediger I would like to apply and work with you
Here’s my portfolio