[OPEN] "Among Us" Inspired Roblox Game


Hey! I’m T_ommyz, a roblox developer and player. Recently i’ve been watching videos of a game called among us, where youtubers and streamers are in VC and play the game, Among Us. I really enjoy the concept of this game, and find it very inspiring. I’ve made this post looking for any builders, scripters, or someone to help run this game with me. Below is some more information.

About The Game

Among us consist of players being brought to a map, upon joining the map, 2 of the ten players are selected as an impostor, once everyone is in the ship, the 8 regular players have to complete quests around the map, now, the two impostors, work to kill the players. If one of the impostors kill someone, someone can report a dead body, and all players will chat/vc. What would they do in the chat/VC, they will all try to discuss who the impostor is. As the entire round, the impostor works to kill people secretly. Players can vote out who they think the impostor is, the round ends once all impostors are found, or once everyone is dead. A video can be found below about this game.

Game; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiV2TJklz90

What We Need

I’m looking for another lead developer to help assist me within leading this game, funds, and finding developers. Along with this I need a scripter, builder, UI maker, and more.
Lead Developer - @T_ommyz
Lead Developer - @username
Builder/Modeler - @username
UI Designer - @username
Scripter/Programmer - @username


Lead Developers - 30% Percentage (Ownership, funds, management, and more)
Builder/Modeler - 20% Percentage (Making maps, items, and more.)
UI Designer - 15% Percentage (Making UI design for maps, menu, and the entire game)
Scripter/Programmer - 30% Percentage (Scripting quests, and the entire game)

Scripters, UI designers, and builders/modelers may be paid through funds for certain parts of their job.


You are required to watch the video above below!



If interested reply with your portfolio and your discord tag below.


Im a Modeler/Builder who’ve worked on a lot of games, and i love to play “Among us with my friends”, and im interested.

my discord username is : BananaNugetz#1088

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Hey! I have among us on steam and I know a lot about the game! I do VFX/GFX and I can also do programming. I am very interested in this job.

My discord username: FyreeRBLX#9266

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This post is still open! Feel free to send your portfolio link here!

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Discord is EggcellentHumor#6131 Ui Deisigner. Portfolio: [OPEN] Interface Designer for hire!


someone is already making this. They are on HD a lot and they got the whole round system, movement system and character system done last time i checked and that was over a week ago.

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Are you able to DM me a link to their post? My discord is ZackDaBoi#9067

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Hello! I’m a Scripter and a Developer.

Discord: Bay#0066

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Hey there!! I am interested for scripter : heres my portfolio: Beastcraft_Gaming Scripting Portfolio

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Are you still looking for builders? Im very interested in this position and i would love to give a go! My discord: MrSquirrel#7131. I hope to work with you!

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I am a experienced low poly builder, check me out on twitter or discord at Debugged#1067

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sent please respond soon if you could so I can show you my past work. My discord is Debugged#1067

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This developer has a project like that in development. Maybe you @cparem could talk to him and join forces or something. @Anderson1690

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Hey, i’m intrested for modeler.

Portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS/FOR HIRE] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord : Red1Monster#3623

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Hey! I’m down to work with you, if payment is guaranteed i’ll be happy to help you. Kd12306 - Builder/3D-Modeler [Closed] - #3 by RunKittenzRComin
My discord: KEDO#2667

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I’m a builder although I don’t have a portfolio set up yet i can send some examples of work on discord: SatouTanaka#0007

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I really do appreciate everyone who has applied and sent me their portfolios! Everyones work was amazing, but I’m afraid we’ve found everyone that we need! If anything happens, I’ll be sure to pick the ones who have previously applied. This post is now not looking for any developers! If you’re interested in lending us some cash, or any other questions, dm me below!


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Hey I am interested, heres my discord: MintyCreator#6864

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