[OPEN] Bon Appétit Bakery || Hiring Programmer

Bon Appétit Bakery
Bon Appétit is a 200+ quickly growing group that has a wonderful community! We’re working hard on V1!

Bon Appétit Bakery is looking for a programmer that is willing to join our development team.This will be their main and / or only project.

-Is able to make an ordering system, point system, cooking system, and more.
Ordering system will be similar to Bakiez and Pastriez Bakery.
-Must have discord so that you can contact us.
-Must be able to scale UI’s correctly.
-Must be 13+

We assure you that you’ll get a reasonable base payment. This will be discussed. Along with the base payment, you’ll get 25% of our groups profits. How much is the base payment? We assure you that we have much more than 1k to spend.

Please contact me through discord showing me your portfolio. You must comment your name down or else I will not accept the friend request.
Discord: Tooti#1612

Thanks for reading!


The group looks amazing!
I am interested! Vedant#2063

One question: shouldn’t that be the job of the UI designer?

Well, I am the one who makes the UI’s. But, I am not sure how to properly scale it and script it all so thus, I am hiring someone to do so.

Sent a friend request.


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Would you by any chance need an Animator? I’m good at animating a player eating :slightly_smiling_face:

Scaling isn’t a job of scripter. You have to scale UIs yourself. You can easily scale UIs using Autoscale Lite plugin.

Anyways, good luck for your group to grow!

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Sent request. Kakashi#0001.

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