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About Me

Hello! I’m TheNumb2004 im 14 years old and i have been building on roblox since 2015 (3 years) and now i am offering my services as a builder/GFX artist.I’m not the best builder or GFX artist but i do things fast.

Showcase of my maps and models

i dont own the meshes.

Showcase Thumbnails/Icons


i can work 9-4 hours in the weekend and 1-4 hours during the week


Prices are negotiable as a builder, I accept hourly pay but mostly i do per asset.
My GFX prices:
Icons are 750R$
Thumbnails/Ads are 1000R$


U can contact me on Discord ; on Devforum or on my roblox acc
Discord : Numb#8109
Roblox Acc https://www.roblox.com/users/167449658/profile

[CLOSED]Looking for a GFX/Game Icon Artist

I love this sooo much. This is amazing, everything! Prices as very reasonable :ok_hand:


Thanks! I appreciate that. :smile:


Lovely work!


I really do like the gas station.


my first client that ordered a lobby @Goodcc3

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