(OPEN) Chat & Shout Moderation & Upate shouter

Anyways. This is in the incorrect category. Can I be a Community Manager back?

Well It is hiring so I am not in the wrong category.

That not my question. Can I be a Community Manager back?

Here is some images to show you!

That your main account in here.

I can’t access my bot account…

Right so you used your main? The bot should automatically delete the comment and respond in a second also.

I do after warning the player to delete the message if they don’t I do.

What if I wanna contact you but are not a Member on the DevForum?

We will also provide a message to the account if they don’t respond the message gets deleted.

Also if they don’t allow to message the their group wall message will be deleted.

We can also provide a cheaper price for the buyer there is different packages.

I would not even know it in this case, if my pms are for business, I’ll sure close it.

Cheaper package we will message the user and if they don’t respond we delete their post.

More Expensive package they will be able to message me on devforum or I will message them or try to contact them.

Would you like to purchase or am I wasting my time?

@achdef Are you buying or am I wasting my time…

Why would anyone buy this when they can easily set up their own bot…?

Because they dont have the knowledge to make one?
It’s the same thing as going to a scripter’s portfolio and asking “why should I hire you if I can just code it myself???”.

There’s two very great in-depth guides on how to make and create.

Also, there are services where it’s a one time fee to create and then you can host it yourself(more reliable than trusting a nobody to have access to your group). I still fail to see why you defend this.

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What if the user wants to get their own customized bot, but cant? What if their requirements are not in the following services?

I dont recommend insulting people on the devforums.

Can you do not mention me? Cause that make a loud song on my device