[OPEN] Chipotle - Hiring Food Modeler & Clothing Designer

I have a sent a friend request. (Black#5375)

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Hey, just FYI, I highly recommend not using a trademarked name. Chiptole has legal rights to their name. Unless you’ve gotten permission from Chipotle to use their name, I would change it. This includes the logo as well.

You can even choose something close to it. Such as Ropotle or something.


Let’s think about this a little more. There’s many companies, like Panda Express who’ve been around the community for several years without any punishments for using their name when Panda Express probably didn’t give them permission. They have 70k+ members, yet ROBLOX and Panda Express have done nothing. I’m sure Chipotle would be fine.

It doesn’t mean Chipotle won’t. Each company has their own rules and regulations.


It’s still breaking their trademark


Interested in the UI

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It doesn’t matter, your group can still get taken down. Why not try to make your own brand image rather than feed off another?

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Just because a group hasen’t been banned on roblox for a long time doesn’t mean it will never get punished for using a name of a restaurant.

Don’t just assume that they never asked for permission.


Hey! Thanks for your interest! Do you have Discord?

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yes I do. I have it in my portfolio as well.

sent the request.

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Panda Express is good at avoiding it because, a) they’re not using any of PEs logos. b) Panda Express (the real one) hasn’t tried to get it taken down.

At the moment, yes, we’re using some of their logos, but eventually, we will be creating our own custom logo.

Hi, I’m interested in the building positing add me on discord
Poke Fan Club #3834

didn’t work.

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I sent a friend req

Hi I am interested dm me @Clxzed#8551

Hey, I’m interested in scripting.

Interested in becoming a UI designer, sent a request on discord.

Interested to build fast-casual restaurant, here’s some restaurant examples I’ve completed in the past.