Open Cloud Groups API + Users API [Beta]

Another great feature being added that will help many developers. Would group ranking ever be possible with the API in the future? If so, that’ll be even more amazing.


Everyone here is asking for ranking, which is good, but can we also get exiling and log viewing (audit and sale)?


Is App2App authorization also on the radar? I’ve been using OAuth2 for user authentication and I plan to build a mobile app in the near future, but one of the problems I noticed was that mobile users don’t really have a great experience when logging in using their Roblox account.

Currently, mobile apps need to send the user to the Roblox website to get authorization. The problem with this is that most mobile users tend to be authenticated in the Roblox mobile app rather than the website. This usually means they have to sign in all over again, causing more friction.

Another thing I wanted to comment on was the authorization page wording. I’ve noticed a very sizable amount of users who question the legitimacy of websites and apps using Roblox OAuth2. I’ve heard questions like “why does this app need my password?”, “is this a scam?”, “why does it want access to my account?”, etc. A bit of clarification could really improve the user experience and hopefully reduce the stigma around OAuth2. I think Discord and Facebook would be good examples of how this can be improved. Both services make sure the end user knows what the application is and isn’t able to do with their account.


I hope we can get group ranking soon! This would be so cool!


Thanks for the feedback, will pass this along. I wouldn’t say we’ve heard this as often as the request for group ranking API methods, but it makes sense.


How Long The Approval For Oauth 2.0 Apps take? The ETA? I got a project launching soon so I want to make sure it is seamless

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Our project got approved in under an hour, but we were only using the openid and profile scopes so make of that what you may.


Sounds good thank you. We are using pretty much the same. This is a amazing feature ngl. W roblox


Great feature. Ideally as much data as possible can be accessed from the API as using cookies. Currently it’s hard to move over for most people due to Group rank control being only accessible using a cookie. With the cookie invalidating on ip change I am really hoping to get group rank control with API use ASAP as it is not smooth or safe using cookies.


Hey all, this has now been re-enabled, thank you for your patience while we worked away the issue!


What are the possible values to use for generating a user thumbnail? The docs are missing them.

Will it be possible to define bust, headshot, full body thumbnail like the other api can?

Will we get API to prompt in-game group join requests at some point?

As of right now, the docs aren’t displaying these values properly but for the format parameter they are: PNG and JPEG and for the shape parameter they are: ROUND and SQUARE

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When will these new endpoints be added to the docs?

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 11.59.48 PM