Open Cloud - Publishing Your Places with API Keys is Now Live!

what I mean is roblox bot accounts, basically do what you cant do with the API key system with these accouns

Because of this, does this mean it is expected to upload binary (rbxl) place files for larger projects? Is supporting XML place files for larger projects something that is planned?

First I’d like to say, great feature! It was awesome to test this in beta and be able to give feedback throughout the process.

What APIs can we expect to be delivered next (and is there any timeline for these)? Before our team is able to build out any kind of customer support system we need to be able to access player data in production datastores.


yeah we do plan on supporting larger files regardless of type in the future - the team is working on some enhancements that will streamline this


This is amazing but, I think it would also be really nice if we could host Open Cloud instances on locahost so, if we want to test something in studio, it doesn’t need to take the following path

VSCode/Blender/etc (localhost) > Git Server (or it could go straight to Open Cloud) > Open Cloud server > Studio

instead it could take the following path for tests and, the path above for actual updates

VSCode/Blender/etc (localhost) > Open Cloud server (localhost) > Studio

this should reduce the time it takes for test scripts/models/etc to be pushed to Studio, once tested, this could be pushed to an actual live git server, reducing the number of requests required to test something.

Thanks for the update!

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Can you elaborate what use cases you are thinking about by accessing Groups, Catalogs, etc.?

this sounds like a request for something akin to a mock service that supports all OpenCloud APIs in Studio? this is something we can explore. cc @dragonknightflies :slight_smile:


Precisely, it would reduce the amount of data being sent over the internet; this could be really useful for large files/models which developers just want to test before actually pushing to git and, responsiveness should also increase too since everything will be handled on the clients machine.

yeah the API key system is designed so that you can now programmatically access Roblox APIs in a much more safe, and secure manner, e.g. you don’t have to share or copy your cookies anymore to do certain tasks. we’re looking to add more support in the near future for things like OAuth2 so keep an eye out for that!


I was about to ask the OAuth2 question! Let me just drop my 2cents here and say that for a while I’ve been looking for a solution allow my team to authenticate themselves against our tools (Git, Jira, data-servers, etc…).

The addition of OAuth2 would be invaluable for us.


The ability to have a supported way to handle things like a group’s join requests and the ranks of group members would be incredibly useful, especially if kicking and managing the group wall was also included. A few use cases I could think of here are:

  • Automating the process of handling group join requests (There may be some requirements for joining the group that they could automate easily)
  • Allowing higher ranks to move players up a rank without them being given direct access to setting the ranks of any member
  • Kicking players who have been “banned” from the group via their own systems, since groups unfortunately do not support this feature natively
  • Filtering out potential scam messages, toxicity, etc from the group wall before players can even see it

These are just a few use cases for groups, there are probably a lot more that I just cannot think of right now, but an officially supported API for them would be incredibly useful.

Also, are there any possibilities that we will get an API for publishing messages to MessagingService from an external server in the future, because I can definitely think of multiple use cases in which this would come in incredibly handy!


Can’t wait to use this, seems like it would be useful for me. Is there an estimate when the other apis work?

I love this update, but just to make sure I understood this right, does this mean we’ll be able to update datastores outside of Roblox?

eventually when we support those APIs! we plan to work on supporting that next.


no exact estimate yet unfortunately, but aiming for early next year


It does work. You have to change the creator.

One thing I’d say is a benefit is that, since this is more of a public-facing API, it’s much less likely to have a breaking change. I know Upload.ashx has been dependable for us devs for a long time, but that’s always been subject to change. This feels like it’s going to provide us with much more stable footing.


Speaking of Datastore API’s, would the public datastore web APIs for them be super limited like the in-game ones with setting and requesting data?

I found an endpoint for requesting data on the web API and I noticed that it had barely any latency and no strict limitations behind it. If Roblox were to implement a way of using datastores with an API online would it be as restricted as it is in-game? I’m not sure if this makes sense or how to word it properly.

Changing role ranks, updating them and using the catalog apis to search through audios.

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I second this! These are all amazing ideas and I hope Roblox can add them. It’d be especially awesome if there was MessagingService support. This could be implemented into tons of web-panels for systems to make things like remote messages with ease and not have it rely on long/short polling that eats up an insane amount of memory the more you scale it up.